Scribblenauts Remix App Reviews

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The game freeze and stop everytime ! Need an update fast !

Bon mais non traduit en français....

Bon jeu mais non traduit en français, dommage ! Good game but need to be translated in french....

Version française !


Top sauf ......

Version française svp

A french version

It games is good but faudret to put a french version


I will give 5 stars if we have a french version ! We need that !!!!

Very good but

Is a very good game but please can you traduced in French?? ty

Nice game

But french is needed because many people has difficult with english when they are young or old its the same this game require skill with english so he become an hard game for casual player


Legal o jogo mas fofo kkk

Make a portuguese version, please!

You can make the portuguese game, i dont know very well english, please make!

Português por favor



Tradutor to the portuguese

Versão em português

Please, we need this game on the portuguese


ok but the brazil need of portuguese version

Improve Graphics

Hey, It would be great if you improve the graphics for iPhone Plus !!!!

Max number of items????

Please make it so we can summon infinite things. Atleast on playground mode

Waste of money

It isnt even fun


I BOUGHT IT BUT IT WONT LET ME DOWNLOAD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gimme my money back

The person who made this is on drugs

Dont buy. Horrible to short. THAY just want stupid money

Display not set correctly

Game is very fun and entertaining. I have not beat the game and Im still on the first world. I dont know if its suppose to be like this but I always have to tap to the left of everything to activate or press. My iPod I fine and I got this 3 days ago so nothing is wrong with my iPod but it may be that the iPod screen is long so I was wondering if you could fix that right away. Thx

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